My wife and I have been coming here for the last 5 years.

My wife and I have been coming here for the last 5 years. We love it here. I’m not sure the people with the 1 star reviews were here at all. What they said was totally incongruous with all my experience here.
The people running and staffing this place bend over backwards to make you as comfortable as possible. It is not the Hilton but I’ve been to a few of those that were not up to snuff too. This is a classic Florida Resort. It’s clean, neat and spacious. At this price point you won’t find anything better anywhere in the Keys and a lot of higher priced places are not as nice as this. People I meet here have been coming here for the same time and in the same room for 20, 30 and 40 years or as long as this place has been here. It takes several years to get in line for an annual vacation locked in here and people are happy to wait their turn. They have a rule about being able to make a reservation for the same time the next year the day you leave. You have to have been coming here for 3 years in the same room during the same dates to qualify to book the day you leave otherwise it’s 11 months. I’ve waited by my home phone until the clock ticked for me call hoping to repeat our reservation. Not sure we hit the mark yet for next year but our fingers are crossed.
I highly recommend this place to anyone who wants a good quiet time in the Keys and not wanting to pay $3000.00 or more a week like some of the resorts here.

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